Example 1

In this sample we have modeled some buildings ans tile grounds and put it together in Unity to make some prefabs. We remove the tile with pattern 0-0-0-0 to reduce the connection-0 sides.


Video Demo Example 1

Tip: The algorithm search the new tile from only two previous tiles, then you only need to have at least some tile with pattern 0-0-X-X to fill this case


If you forget some pattern the execution will display the next message with the needed pattern


It say that you need a tile with two side without connections, make one and add it to the World tile list

Example 2


This sample is only to show you than Tile City Generator can work with n-connection tiles.

Demo player Example 2


Video Demo Example 2

tileConnections variable can be edit into ProceduralWorld.cs to change the tile side connections, 3 connections by side make a lot of tiles then beware with that.
We have discarded the generation of tiles with some side without connections to obtain a more connected map.

This script generates all posible border pattern and make 1 tile for each of them