Marketplace Installation

This plugin can be purchased into UE4 Marketplace in this link: AudioAnalyzer Marketplace
After the purchase the product appears into your Epic Games Launcher > Library section > Vault

Click on Install to Engine to start the plugin installation process


Select your Engine version


Open your Project > Edit Menu and go to the Plugins section


Enable the Audio AudioAnalyzer plugin


Manual Installation

In case of an Epic Launcher Intall process fail, you can unzip manually the plugin into the Marketplace Unreal’s Plugin folder.
Navigate to InstallattionFolder/EpicGames/UE_4.xx/Engine/Plugins/Marketplace and add the plugin folder there

Open your Project, Edit Menu and go to the Plugins section


Enable the Audio AudioAnalyzer plugin


Manual Installation (UE4 4.20 and Older Versions)

Epic Marketplace Code Plugins only allow support for the last three version of the engine. But you can compile the plugin for previous version manually.


Before be able to compile the plugin code you need to download and set-up the prerequisites. On engine versions older than 4.20 you need the Windows SDK 8.1 and the linux Toolchain valid for your engine version.
You can find the toolchain needed for each version in this page
Just download and extract the zip. We will set up the PATH to the toolchain before the compilation using a .bat file.
The next step is to take the plugin folder from a supported engine version (one of the last three engine versions), so install the plugin for a supported version.
Navigate to the supported engine plugin folder InstallattionFolder/EpicGames/UE_4.xx/Engine/Plugins/Marketplace and copy:
- Resources
- Source
- AudioAnalyzer.uplugin
to a temporal folder.
Now we can make a script to set up the environment variables and build the plugin. Make a BuildPluginv4_19.bat and add the next lines:
SET LINUX_MULTIARCH_ROOT=D:\********\Toolchain\v11_clang-5.0.0-centos7\
SET YOUR_ENGINE_PATH=D:\************\EpicGames\UE_4.19\
SET YOUR_PREVIOUS_FOLDER=D:\********\TemporalFolder\
"%YOUR_ENGINE_PATH%Engine\Build\BatchFiles\RunUAT.bat" BuildPlugin -Plugin="%YOUR_PREVIOUS_FOLDER%AudioAnalyzer\AudioAnalyzer.uplugin" -Package="%PLUGIN_OUTPUT_FOLDER%" -Rocket


Replace the path to the toolchain, older engine version and the previous created folder that contain the plugin files.

This file will build the plugin binaries for all platforms that appear in the section WhitelistPlatforms of the AudioAnalyzer.uplugin file, so if you don’t have a developer environment for that platform you must remove that platform for that list.
E.g., If you only want the plugin for Windows and Android platform
Now we can run this .bat on a Command prompt and wait to finish
If the compilation ends successfully we will find the built files in the OutputPlugin folder in the same path that the .bat file
Now we can go to the plugins folder of the target Engine InstallattionFolder/EpicGames/UE_4.19/Engine/Plugins/Marketplace, make a folder named AudioAnalyzer, and copy all the output files to this folder.
The plugin must appear now in the Plugins list of this engine.